Monday, 25 June 2007

Not long to go!

Only 5 more days to go... and counting!!!

I depart Melbourne on Sunday 1st July at 8am!! An early flight argh! But at least it'll take me to China earlier.

I'll be staying in Shanghai for a night with lovely Hua and her family!! I hadn't planned on staying in Shanghai but my transit period between flights is a long 18 hours... and who is patient enough to spend more than a day stuck in the airport??

After visiting Shanghai, I'll be heading straight to London to meet up with my sisters. Melissa and I have the obligatory task of showing Sarah and Bugge who have not yet been to London around the city. After that, we'll head off to Morocco and then Spain for the WFD Congress in Madrid and a taste of the Mediterranean! We'll be meeting up with Deaf friends along the way around Spain, the WFD is a huge event and Melbourne will be a very quiet place to be in during the Congress!

I will be based in the UK for as long as possible, I have a visa for up to 2 years but only am eligible to work for 12 months. I am not too sure where I will be living yet, but for the time being I'll stick by Melissa and her flatmates at Battersea (South London) until I settle in and get regular work and know what I have to do.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

My first post!


I have set up a blog where I will be adding stories about my travel adventures whenever I have the chance!

As most of you are aware, I am going to relocate within the UK from July, am so excited at the prospect!! I've travelled a bit in the past few years and I find it very hard to answer each email with 'where are you now?' etc cetera, so I decided to take the initiative and try set up a blog for travel purposes only :-)

I will add a post just prior to leaving Australia about where I will be and what I want to see, and hopefully by the end of July I'll be able to achieve that!

Till later!

Hugs Debbie xox